Bricks for reforms and rehabilitation

Any measure, any form you may need.
If you are addressing a reform in your home, in a local or in any type of structure; or it is about the rehabilitation of an old building, Ceramica Las Losas can provide you with the necessary bricks to carry out such reform or rehabilitation.

Our bricks, manufactured with the same method as centuries ago, fit perfectly with the brick that could be found or needed for the rehabilitation of an old building.

On the other hand, if you are undertaking a reform, and looking for a new style, you can find among our wide range of bricks and ceramic tiles the perfect product for this reform.

Bricks for Rehabilitation

The rehabilitation of a historic building is always a delicate task. The materials used have to leave the building in the appearance most similar to the original state.

In the case of bricks for rehabilitation, and more when it comes to brick seen in the facade, the material has to look more like the original, both in size and shape and color.

The handmade bricks manufactured in LasLosas are manufactured in the same way that they were manufactured centuries ago, which makes the appearance and shape of the rehabilitation bricks totally similar to any brick seen in any historic building.

Regarding the measure, on request we can make bricks for rehabilitation with measures up to 100cm long, 25cm wide and 10cm thick.

Bricks for Reforms

If you are going to make a reform in your home or in a local, it is always a good option to give another touch, sometimes classic, sometimes modern.

Inside the commercial premises, it is very common to find brick, either in one or several walls of the establishment, something that does not make the place something classic and rustic, since with a little imagination you can get a very modern and colorful decoration.

In Ceramics Las Losas we have a very extensive catalog of both bricks for renovations or ceramic plates for renovations that can be used in any of the cases.