About us

Ceramica Las Losas is a ceramic industry located on the banks of the Guajaraz River, in Guadamur, near Toledo, in the area that has distinguished itself as the most dynamic and advanced space in Spain for the manufacture of ceramic materials for construction.

In the mid-nineties of the twentieth century the direction changed. The Barrios family, which had amply demonstrated its entrepreneurial strength in the mining fields and the highly specialized blasting for public works, acquired the industry and took over its management, getting a new verve to Ceramica Las Losas, which in five years he would become the undisputed leader of manual brick in Spain and in very few others in the rustic brick manufacturer of reference in terms of quality.

Today Ceramica Las Losas is immersed in deep structural changes, due to the spectacular growth it is experiencing. Its staff has doubled in just two years, despite the remarkable progress in process automation.

At the same time, in the commercial sphere, it is experiencing a very significant expansion, getting to take control of the new markets in which it is implanted. The future gives us challenges for which we are already prepared: New products are coming, new applications are coming, new services for the distribution warehouses come, new incentives come and there is a reinforced support for the technical designers.