English Size Handmade Rustic Bricks

New range of rustic bricks «English size».
This range of manual bricks has the measurements of the typical English brick (21.5x10x6.5cm) that can be found throughout Britain.

Undoubtedly, when thinking of the typical English architecture, comes to mind that type of houses built with large brick, with tall chimneys and stuck together trying to protect themselves from the bad weather typical of Britain.

From Ceramica Las Losas we bring this new range of English Manual Bricks, made in the same way, with the same measurements and the same finish as the manual bricks of English architecture.


This new range of English Measuring Rustic Manual Bricks are available in our entire range of colors.

Within this range of colors, we find the new color introduced in 2016 «English Red», a dark red color with black tones, which is the most found in the houses of English territory.