Rustic manual bricks that preserve the usual shape, combined with the best technology, which results in the best manual bricks on the market.
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Semi-manual bricks with the own scraping of Las Losas, unique due to the exclusivity of their lands. Bricks available in solid and perforated. Come in and see our variety of shades and colors.
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English Size

This range of manual bricks has the measurements of the typical English brick (21.5x10x6.5cm) that can be found throughout Britain.
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Pioneers in Spain in the manufacture of klinker rustic manual bricks, we manufacture these bricks at more than 1300ºC. The result is a brick with less than 6% absorption, which makes them the bricks with the highest quality in the market.
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Super long quality klinker up to 100 cm

We present our new range of super long bricks made by hand, with a length of up to 100 cm. This new exclusive range of LasLosas, trampled in Europe, is a brick widely used for its rustic and modern look, and for its excellent Klinker quality to withstand extreme temperatures or the worst weather conditions in northern Europe.
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Made to measure

We are manufacturers of special bricks, if you do not go commercial or if you need custom bricks, you can contact us without obligation. Our qualities together with our quality has led us to be the No. 1 manufacturer for rehabilitation and restoration.
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Rustic clay tiles, for interior and exterior, of the highest quality manufactured in the manual and semi-manual series so that they can adapt to your needs.
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Ceramica Las Losas is a ceramic industry located on the banks of the Guajaraz River, in Guadamur, near Toledo, in the area that has distinguished itself as the most dynamic and advanced space in Spain for the manufacture of ceramic materials for construction.


Since the consolidation of Ceramica Las Losas in the mid 90s of the 20th century, this has become the undisputed leader of manual brick in Spain and the main reference of rustic brick in terms of quality. If you are looking for rustic bricks with the best qualities of the market, this is in the right place.

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Declaration of benefits

All our products have their declaration of benefits or technical sheet available.


24/365 Service


Upon request, we load any day of the week at any time.


In this section you can see a set of some of our most outstanding works, among which Primark Gran Via, Zara, Tatel Restaurant, Fagor Showroom, or the Cathedral of Cordoba among many others.



New range of super long rustic products unique in Spain. Bricks with measures up to 100cm.

Great variety

Our range of super long bricks offers a great variety both in the measurements of the bricks, as in the colors of them.

Quick placement

By having such a long measure, the placement of the bricks in the wall is also faster, reaching almost four times faster.


Our super long bricks offer high performance in terms of quality. You can see its technical sheet to see all its benefits.

Modern style

In recent years, works in Europe with this type of format is increasing. The aspect they give to the work is very modern and striking.

Exclusive products

At present, Ceramica Las Losas is the only manufacturer in Spain with long bricks. You will not find anything like it in the market.

Rustic character

Made in the traditional style, by hand and with frames, are bricks with a great rustic style that show the passage of the hand on its edges.

English measure hand bricks

New range of rustic bricks «English measure». This range of manual bricks has the measurements of the typical English brick (21.5x10x6.5cm) that can be found throughout Britain. They are available throughout our range of colors. Within this range of colors, we find the new color introduced in 2016 «English Red», a dark red color with black tones, which is the most found in the houses of English territory.See all the English measure hand bricks


Many times it can happen that a special brick, unique in the world, is needed for the execution of a work. When this happens it is very likely that you will not find anything with the specific measures in the market, which can make it impossible to execute this work if it is not adjusted to the measures of the brick that the market offers. With Ceramic Lasas this does not happen. If you are ever in a similar situation, where you need a brick with a special measure, or you just want to have a unique brick in your home in the world, in Las Losas you can make that much-needed brick. How does it work? It simply gives us the measure of the brick, the necessary amount and we do the rest. If you need a brick with a specific size, you can ask us for a budget without commitment and we will answer you in less than 24 hours.Learn more


If you are addressing a reform in your home, in a local or in any type of structure; or it is about the rehabilitation of an old building, Ceramica Las Losas can provide you with the necessary bricks to carry out such reform or rehabilitation. Our bricks, manufactured with the same method as centuries ago, fit perfectly with the brick that could be found or needed for the rehabilitation of an old building. On the other hand, if you are making a reform, and looking for a new style, you can find among our wide range of bricks and ceramic tiles the perfect product for this reform.Learn more